The Coffee Collective

Clinical Supervision: Do You Really Get What You Need?

Clinical Supervision. 

Every social worker has heard the term since they were students in their field placements.  Post-graduation, we know that the law requires us to have clinical supervision to obtain our licensure.  Beyond achieving the pinnacle status of 'LCSW-C', it is best practice to continue to receive supervision to maintain ethical practice and competence.  

But we have all heard -- or maybe even experienced -- the shortfalls of supervision. Like when you are more experienced than your supervisor. Or when agency demands keep you from receiving the amount of time you need in supervision.  Or maybe when the supervisor's values don't align with yours, and the guidance you receive is not how you roll. 

Sound familiar?  

Join us! Let's have some real talk about this issue and create some collective solutions. 

The Morning-Meet Up Concept

The Coffee Collective is a bi-monthly morning meetup for Black Social Workers, with the intention to create a space for us to:

  • Meet and connect with other Black social workers
  • Share experiences within a selected topic area that is critical to us in our professional spaces
  • Develop a strategy to support all persons present
  • Create a method of accountability and support for each participant.